KAHTNU Surgical

Surgeon-centric. Globally-integrated

Who We Are

Our Mission

Surgeon-centric solutions that advance healthcare through high value and innovative products, clinical research, medical education, and philanthropy.

Our Vision

A Globally-integrated company that delivers innovative solutions and market-leading quality and value to improve patient’s lives, through an agile and responsive business model that supports and unites world-leading surgeons, product development expertise and manufacturing technology.

Our Quality Statement

We at KAHTNU Surgical thrive on a top-down, quality first culture and are committed to the highest level of continuous improvement in everything we do, dedicating ourselves to exceeding the needs of those relying on us.

Our Quality Policy

KAHTNU Surgical is committed to providing safe and effective products, programs and services to the orthopedic and spinal sector that meets all known customer performance and reliability requirements.

The KAHTNU Surgical quality management system is dedicated to well-defined policies, procedures and behaviors that reduce variations and increase efficiencies – satisfying requirements of both internal and external customers.

We strive to prevent defects by focusing on process controls ultimately resulting in higher quality at reduced cost. These results are realized through the effective use of our greatest resource, our people and partners, who are responsible and accountable for the quality of their work.

KAHTNU Surgical’s Executive Management is committed to an environment of compliance to all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements and maintains that environment by fostering continual quality improvement in all areas of its operations.

Our Management Team

Craig Wilcox

President and CEO, KAHTNU Surgical

Our President and CEO, Craig Wilcox, brings 25 years of expertise in orthopedics and spine to KAHTNU Surgical. His broad experience includes product development, commercialization, sales, and operations management in the total joint and spine markets. He is experienced in international orthopedic sales and marketing, and is a former founder of an offshore medical device company. And after several years in clinical practice management, his expertise spans all aspects of orthopedic healthcare delivery, from product concept to clinical care.

Strategic Relationships

KAHTNU Surgical has assembled an international team of leading engineers, quality and regulatory experts, physicians, surgeons and manufacturing technology that includes strategic relationships that empower our quality/value proposition:

Founded in 2005 and going public in 2012, Shanghai Kinetic Co. is a top medical device firm in the Chinese Orthopedic, Cardiovascular and Sports Medicine markets. Kinetic’s commitment to product and outcome quality, combined with surgeon integration into their development and acquisition endeavors, complements KAHTNU’s Surgeon-Centric/Globally-Integrated Mission and Vision. Through Kinetic, KAHTNU accesses world-class design, development, and manufacturing resources, global expansion channels, and international KOL teams that broaden and strengthen our global bandwidth.

MRC GLOBAL is a Memphis-based medical device regulatory, quality and clinical consulting firm with over 50 years of combined US and global experience. MRC GLOBAL spearheads KAHTNU’s regulatory and quality functions and facilitates compliant and productive relationships with consulting surgeons and KOLs.

BoTEC has been a leading Chinese spine and orthopedic engineering, design, development and manufacturing company for more than a decade. Their partnership exemplifies KAHTNU’s commitment to global integration of world-class resources that maximize quality, efficiency and economy for our surgeons and their patients.

Ortho Consulting Group is a UK-based team of industry experts who specialize in global strategy, sales growth, building and strengthening sales channels in orthopedics and spine. An integral partner in our global strategy, OCG brings a broad array of capability to KAHTNU, driving our European and Outside US marketing, sales, distribution, training, KOL selection and management, logistics and operations.

Corporate Responsibility

As healthcare becomes more constrained and stressed, KAHTNU Surgical appreciates the numerous and evolving challenges to surgeons and their practices. In response to these challenges, a unique, surgeon-centric operational structure is central to the company’s mission. A portion of KAHTNU revenues are dedicated to the Kenai Outreach Foundation (KOF), an independent 501c3 not-for-profit entity embracing a three-pronged strategy to meeting surgeons’ practice and professional needs: Clinical Research, Medical Education and Philanthropy. Individually and collectively, this structure and these initiatives deliver real-world solutions in a compliant, ethical and sustainable fashion.